The driving force behind our success has been our superior technical expertise. Employing an expert staff, with a proven record of getting the job done, gives us a clear advantage in evaluating our client needs, and quickly delivering the best solutions. Our information experts are available to work at the client site or from our AddTech offices. We also have the capability of being the outsource provider for you entire IT department. This can offer substantial savings to your organization over the long run.

We specialize in the following:

Business Intelligence Systems – This includes consolidating disparate data using data marts or data warehousing, building analytical models, identifying key performance indicators and alerts, creating advanced reporting features, and developing performance dashboards.

Application Development – Our highly skilled application developers are familiar with all phases of the life cycle development process. Although we offer expertise in a variety of technologies, we specialize in Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures.

Project Management - Our project managers specialize in utilizing the Microsoft Solution Framework. MSF provides a set of models, principles and guidelines for designing and developing enterprise solutions in a way that ensures all elements of a project can be successfully managed.